An Unforgettable Day of Football

As the official motoring partner of Cork City Football Club, we recently teamed up with Castlelack Football Club for a day of fun, training, and surprises. In this  video, the players of CCFC joined forces with Castlelack FC to coach and train young aspiring footballers. The excitement didn't end there, as the kids, their coaches, and parents were invited to a CCFC league game at Turners Cross, where they got to be mascots for the team and play on the field at half-time. The joy on the faces of the young footballers as they played on the same field as their heroes was priceless. Johnson & Perrot was proud to be a part of this unforgettable experience, bringing the community together through the beautiful game of football. As football fans ourselves, we at Johnson & Perrot know that success on the pitch takes hard work, dedication, and a great team.

We are proud to partner with CCFC, Castlelack FC, and other local football clubs, providing the vehicles and support they need to keep moving forward. So, whether you're a footballer, a fan, or just looking for a great deal on a new car, Johnson & Perrot has got you covered. Keep on kicking, Cork!