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Make the switch

Electric cars have burst onto the new car scene over the last couple of years and are rapidly growing in popularity. 

If you’re used to petrol and diesel cars, it’s normal to be unsure about making the switch to the unknown of an electric car. However, there are many benefits, and this guide is here to highlight some of those advantages. 


The amount of electricity you would use for a full charge on an electric vehicle is much cheaper than you’d spend on a tank of fuel to go the same distance.

Since motor tax is calculated on the emissions level of the vehicle, electric vehicles are at the lowest tax band. Just €120 per year for a Battery Electric Vehicle. 

If you install a home charger, that difference will be even more noticeable. Public fast chargers are a bit more expensive than charging up at home, but still much cheaper than petrol or diesel (as much as 70%). 

There are also government grants which can offer up to €5000 off your brand-new electric vehicle


Range anxiety is now a thing of the past. Many of our electric vehicles can now travel up to 548km on a single charge which is similar enough to the average petrol vehicle. Rapid chargers are now becoming more increasingly available which can charge some vehicles from 10-80% in just 30 minutes.  

It’s a good idea to work out your daily usage before buying an electric car. How far do you typically travel each day, and do you often go on longer journeys? You can use this information to determine how much range you need from an electric vehicle. 


Charging your electric car has never been easier with charging stations now setup across the country. A member of our sales team will also you help you to get registered for a home charger to be installed. You can also use your standard wall socket to charge your vehicle, but this will take a bit longer. 

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Electric & Hybrid
There are government grants which can offer up to €5000 off your brand-new electric vehicle which makes it an even better time to make the switch to electric.

More Benefits to Electric

No exhaust? No emissions

All petrol or diesel cars will produce emissions as they burn their fuel, an electric car has zero local emissions.  That’s good for a little peace of mind when you’re driving, knowing you’re helping the environment at the same time. 

More relaxing to drive

As an electric car produces little to no noise, they tend to be much more relaxing to cover long distances in.  Plus, you don’t need to mess around with gears, adding to a slightly smoother experience. 

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