Dylan Kirby - Marketing Executive

My name is Dylan, I started in Johnson & Perrott in February 2022 following the completion of my bachelor’s degree in marketing in MTU. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my marketing career. Since it is such a small team looking after such a big company, I was able to gain experience in all areas of marketing such as advertising & promotions, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media management, event management, sponsorships, content creation, website management and much more. There is also a lot of flexibility in the role since there is 9 car franchises and three different dealerships (Douglas, Mahon, and Bishopstown) so there is always something new happening and no day is the same. I had mentioned that I would like to return to college to study a master’s in digital marketing and Johnson & Perrott were very supportive of me. They offered to pay for half of my college fees as well as give me any time off that I required in order to complete my studies. I will be forever grateful for them giving me this opportunity.

The marketing team is made up of just the Marketing Manager (Jerry Crowley) and the Marketing Executive. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor following the completion of my degree. He showed me everything that I have learned to date and gave me a different view on how to advertise products which works really well. Thanks to Jerry, I am now able to progress in my marketing career and take on a more demanding role. 

Overall, working with Johnson & Perrott is very rewarding. They really look after their staff and there is a great work-life balance. It was the first time in my life that I actually didn’t mind going to work as I knew I would be doing something new and exciting each day. I couldn’t recommend the marketing graduate program highly enough to students just finishing their college degrees. You will gain experience in all areas of marketing, get to work with great people, and get support from the company if you wish to continue your studies. I would encourage anyone who has just finished college to apply for this role as you won’t regret it. I will be forever grateful to Johnson & Perrott for the experience that I have gained during my time here.

Dylan joined Johnson & Perrott as part of our Marketing Graduate Program which is part of our JPMG Academy. As part of this program, the Academy supported his return to college financially as well as providing time and training. To find out more about this program, see: