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At Johnson & Perrott in Cork we have fully trained and certified mechanics & technicians to work on your vehicle and to carry out diagnostic checks in accordance with leading industry standards.

To get more information on servicing your car, car repairs, crash repairs, windscreen and tyre repairs in Cork City from one of our home franchises, Honda, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Opel, Peugeot, SEAT or Volvo see below for details.

At Johnson & Perrott Motor Group in Cork, we have state-of-the-art servicing departments in Douglas, Bishopstown & Mahonpoint that can carry a full selection of servicing works on your vehicle. From MINOR car servicing, through to MAJOR health checks and MOT testing, our facilities have been designed to FULLY accommodate your requirements. Our service team in Johnson & Perrott have the best experienced technicians fit only manufacturer-approved parts and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your car.

Our MAJOR Car Service consists of:

Replace spark plugs (if fitted with long life plugs they may not need replacement, if needed there may be an additional cost)

Replace air filter

Pollen filter check

Fuel filter replacement if recommended by manufacturer (additional cost for fuel filter if required)

Remove all wheels & inspect wheel nut condition

Remove brake drums, check, adjust and clean brake shoes

Check all brake pads, callipers and brake hoses

Check all wheel bearings and seals

Check CV joints and boots

Check light bulb operation

Check wiper blades

Check battery and terminal connections

Check cooling system operation

Check all drive belts

Check steering gaiters and power steering for internal leaks

Check all wear in front and rear suspension bushes and ball joints

Check timing belt condition

Check alternator belt, charge rate and starter motor

Check axle and gearbox oil, change where recommended

Check exhaust condition, check for leaks

Check interior equipment, heater locks, windows and central locking

Check brake fluid condition

Connect diagnostic computer and check for any faults logged in computer, reset if required

Reset service reminder

Wash & Hoover

Road test

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