Vehicle Leasing: Fuel Card Management

Johnson & Perrott Fleet work in partnership with Circle K to provide our customers with a comprehensive fuel card service.  Johnson & Perrott Fleet manage the administration side for our customers by ordering, cancelling, renewing and reporting to ensure you have full transparency over your fleet fuel card usage.


Online Information

Account and usage information can be viewed online.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are competitive in the Fuel Card Industry.

Added Security

Choice of driver information embossed on the card for added security.

Paperless Invoices

All customers can receive their invoices by email.


Up to date Analysis

Management information in any format provides up to date analysis, free of charge.

Cut Down on Paperwork and Administration

A detailed invoice showing all purchases helps cut down on paperwork and administration.

Diesel Rebate Scheme

Circle K are an approved supplier for the Diesel Rebate Scheme.