About Global Alliance

At Johnson & Perrott Fleet, we have always believed in the benefit of being part of something much greater than ourselves. With that in mind we are proud to be the Irish Partner for the Element Arval Global Alliance.

For customers based outside Ireland with employees working in Ireland, Johnson & Perrott Fleet as the ARVAL Ireland supplier have extensive experience providing a flexible vehicle leasing solution for all makes and models. As a self funded leasing company we are uniquely set up to provide flexible contract hire with full maintenance packages to all types of businesses across Europe. 


We can advise on:


The best vehicle choices for your business requirements


BIK Legislation


CO2 policy


Electric vehicles


VAT and Tax benefits and implications





The Element-Arval Global Alliance brings value to our clients in a number of ways:

The Element-Arval Global Alliance is the worldwide leader in fleet management. We have the experience, expertise and resources to support your strategy on all continents. Our global scale, together with key international partnerships with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, enables our customers to benefit from the most competitive pricing and services.


Monitor & decrease global spend – To support lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and assist in creating, implementing and managing a common vehicle policy, our dedicated strategic consulting teams analyze your multi-national data, proactively delivering expert advice, industry trends and leveraging our industry leading database to recommend tangible improvements.


Single point of contact to decrease administrative burden – The Element-Arval Global Alliance offers you a dedicated account team that understands your business. This unique, consistent structure across geographies provides a single point of contact with designated local support to optimize your fleet and provide a fast resolution to any issues.


Harmonization of fleet policies, processes, resources – To support you in all steps of your fleet globalization process, the Element-Arval Global Alliance commits to harmonizing the delivery of your services through a Global Service Charter. If desired, you can delegate your entire fleet operation to the Element-Arval Global Alliance, while keeping full control of the fleet. We utilize a synchronized driver contact management approach, advanced technology and expert advice from our consultants. Our very high customer loyalty rates (Net Promoter Scores) demonstrate the value of the Element-Arval Global Alliance proposal.


Global reporting for improved visibility and control – Our full suite of digital tools deliver a smart experience for you and your drivers. With our award winning Analytics tool to aggregate data from all locations, we ensure your fleet strategy delivers the expected, measurable results and allows you to proactively simulate recommended changes. Our innovative solutions enable transparent performance visibility to monitor key global data points and ensure that your drivers stay safe and mobile.