Vehicle Leasing: Leasing Contract Benefits

Vehicle Leasing with JP Fleet brings the following benefits.

  • Fixed Monthly Costs with Car Leasing: Set monthly costs include maintenance, tyres, tax and roadside assistance.
  • No Risk: By returning the vehicles to us after the contract period, the burden of residual value risk management is taken from you and placed on us.
  • Free Up Capital with Vehicle Contract Hire: Leasing over purchasing allows you to avoid tying up capital in a rapidly depreciating asset.
  • Tax & Vat Benefits of Leasing Vehicles: Avail of multiple taxback schemes including 100% reclaim on VAT on commercial vehicles.
  • Off Balance Sheet Funding: Leasing does not have to be shown on a balance sheet, improving liquidity ratios and return on assets among other benefits.
  • Purchasing Power: With Johnson & Perrott’s longstanding franchise relationships, you have our full purchasing power as one of our valued customers.