Nemo Rangers - Proud Female Athletes

Drive, Passion, Power - just a few of the things required to be on the Nemo Rangers GAA Ladies Camogie & Football squads. Have you got what it takes? Proud Female Athletes, Proud Nemo Rangers

Delicate, high maintenance, all about appearances. All too often we are quick to label and typecast. Historically men have dominated the sporting world, with televised matches and large sponsorship and endorsement contracts.  The good news…the playing field is changing!

Increasingly we are seeing female athletes stepping up and making their voices, names and talents seen and heard on national and global sporting stages. We need only look to Tokyo 2020 and our female Olympic and Paralympic athletes making finals, setting personal bests and bringing medals home to our small nation. 
Renowned for their drive, grit and determination the women from Cork GAA club, Nemo Rangers, wish for their voices to be heard too as they attack some common female stereotypes, and highlight how these perceived flaws and weaknesses give them an edge on the pitch.   

In this emotive and passion-fuelled video, we caught up with dual player, Gráinne Kearney, Captain of the Nemo Rangers Junior Camogie team as well as being a defender with the Nemo Rangers Junior Ladies Football Team, along with her fellow footballer, Fiona O’Neill. 

From an early age it is important to nurture and support female athletes, as often in their teenage years’ girls cast sport to the sideline.  Thanks to their dedicated couching staff and player community, Nemo Rangers provides a haven for growth and development.  With over 445 girls and women playing on teams from under 6s to adult, there is a thriving female talent pool and growing every year.

Johnson & Perrott Opel, a driving force in Cork, have been proud sponsors of Nemo Rangers GAA for over 7 years. With their showroom located only minutes from the club grounds, they can often be seen in the stands cheering on their home team Nemo Rangers. Well-known for their community spirit, this is just another example of Johnson & Perrott’s commitment and involvement on the ground. 

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